Keegan Hines

Course on Interactive Visualization

I've taken a keen interest in the last year in interactive visualization techniques that are empowered by web technologies. In the past few months, I've written about some example applications including maps in R, maps with D3, interactive network visualization with R and with D3, and couple other fun and random applications. While this mode of visuaulization and communication is powerful, some of these efforts required gaining expertise in web techologies like HTML and javascript, something that's not easy to do overnight. However, there has be been an explosion in the R community lately centered around such javascript-driven interactive experiences, but doing so using only R. Some of my favorite examples are the libraries Shiny and rCharts. In these cases, some complex and powerful javascript tools are essentially wrapped up in a simple R interface so that we can utilize these technologies using only R.

Since these R libraries are so easy and useful, I think lots of people can get immediate benefit from using them. To this end, I've created a short course in collaboaration with DataSociety that teaches these methods of Interactive Visualization in R. These techniques are so fun to learn about and try out, I'm sure that many people will find this course exicting and extremely useful.